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Smoke Alarms

The Dyer Fire Department is distributing and installing FREE Smoke Alarms to Dyer residents. Please complete the form below to be added to the list. The Fire Department will contact you to schedule installation!

Register for E-Billing

Fill out the form below to register for electronic billing!

E-Bill Signup Sheet

  • Please enter the address for which you wish to receive an electronic bill. Be sure to include the billing name on the account (if it's not your name).
  • This is should be the name that appears on the bill.
  • If your name is different than the one on the account, please enter your name here.
  • This is the email address to which e-bills will be sent.
  • If you'd like to receive the bill at more than one address, please enter the address here.
  • Please enter a phone number we can call for questions. If your account doesn't currently have a phone number, this number will be added to your account.