Dyer Farmers Market

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About the Farmers Market

The Dyer Farmers Market is a small-town community market sponsored by the City of Dyer. The market is currently open each Saturday (beginning June 5, 2021 from 8AM to Noon. The market accepts vendors with locally grown produce and products from within 30 miles Dyer, Tennessee. The last Saturday of each month, the market also hosts arts and crafts vendors (handmade items, please!).

Join us at David Robinson Recreation Park  for this slice of small-town life!

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Farmers Market Rules

  1. Liability is not the responsibility of the Dyer Farmers Market or the City of Dyer and lies solely with each individual vendor.
  2. All vendors are responsible for liability insurance and compliance with any and all requirements of State of Tennessee for food safety rules and regulations.
  3. We are a Farmers Market; therefore, farm products are primary sales. Some craft or bakery type items will be allowed. We reserve the right to refuse your application if necessary.
  4. Special seasonal foods/produce may be permitted on a limited schedule throughout the season.
  5. All products will be displayed in a clean and safe manner.
  6. Vendors are responsible for leaving a clean area at closing. All trash must be placed in appropriate containers.
  7. All vendors shall exhibit professional manners, always.
  8. Tents, table and chairs are the responsibility of the vendor and will not be provided by the Dyer Farmers Market.
  9. Spaces shall be assigned by the Market Manager if needed, special request may be made ahead of time.
  10. Vendors must comply with all Board of Health and State Regulations. All rules and law concerning the State of Tennessee in selling of all produce and processed foods will apply.
  11. No pets allowed in the sales area, as required by the board of health. Service Animals are the only exception.
Emily Clark

Emily Clark

Market Manager

(731) 414-3667 Cell

Dyer Farmers Market
105 South Main St.
Dyer, TN 38330

Phone: (731) 692-3767

Market Location
David Robinson Park
230 Freemont St.
Dyer, TN 38330


State Guidelines for Farmers Markets

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